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Jacqueline Lewington


Jacqueline – completed her nurse training in 1989 and has spent the majority of her nursing career within intensive and critical care settings across nationwide hospitals taking in transplant, cardiac care, renal care, neuro, burns and plastics and paediatric ICU. Currently working within West Lothian’s district nursing team, she brings her acute experience, wealth of knowledge and outstanding practical and clinical skills to ensure delivery of the safest, most effective patient care.

Donna Rafferty


Donna – completed her nursing training in 2006 and started her career within the head and neck maxillofacial department of St Johns Hospital in West Lothian, nursing ENT, plastics surgery, burns and high dependency patients for a period of 8 years. She joined the West Lothian’s community nursing team providing her skills to the district nursing team and treatment room. In her current role as a practice nurse she works autonomously consulting, diagnosing and prescribing for her community case load. Donna is passionate about health promotion, chronic disease management and exploring new skills and treatments.

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