Choose Welltree Health, Wellness and Aesthetics if you want complete peace of mind.

May 3, 2024

When it comes to your safety and peace of mind, choosing the right healthcare provider is crucial.

We’ve all heard stories about aesthetics going badly because of unqualified providers and dangerous products. The best aesthetic healthcare providers are experienced, fully qualified and regulated by professional bodies like Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS).

At Welltree, we understand this and are committed to providing regulated care you can trust.

Welltree Health boasts extensive qualifications and over 50 years of nursing expertise. We also have regulatory approval from Healthcare Improvement Scotland, a testament to our credibility and commitment to quality care.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) is not just a regulatory body; it’s your guarantee of quality and safety. Their oversight is particularly vital for independent healthcare providers like Welltree Ltd, ensuring that we consistently deliver the highest standards of care.

Please find out more about Healthcare Improvement Scotland by visiting their website:

You can confidently choose Welltree with HIS for your healthcare and aesthetic needs.